In House Pre-Treatments

SurTec 650 high-value chemical products and processes for industrial cleaning as well as  pre-treatment, finishing and post-treatment in the electroplating industry…more

Alocrom 1200 (Also known as Iridite) FEATURES:

Alocrom is a powdered chemical which when dissolved in water.

Aqua blasting is also known as Vapour blasting or wet blasting and is typically used in surface preparation of alloy car or motorcycle components for the restorer.

As a new investment of Spring 2010 we introduced Shot Blasting Cleaning.

Manganeas Phosphate DEF STAN 03-11 Class 1.

FEATURES – Manganese Phosphate treatment or Parkerizing is formulated to produce a non metallic, corrosion resistant coating on iron and steel surfaces. Carried out by dipping of components.

Iron Phosphate

Iridite NCP