Alocrom 1200

    Alocrom 1200 chromate coating

    Alocrom 1200 chromate coating


    Alocrom 1200 chromate coating

    Alocrom 1200 chromate coating is a type of conversion coating used to passivate steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys. Our clients primarily ask us to apply chromate coating to their components as a corrosion inhibitor, a primer, to retain electrical conductivity or to provide a decorative finish. Chromate conversion coatings are commonly applied to everyday items such as hardware and tools, and can usually be recognised by their distinctively iridescent, greenish-yellow colour.

    Alocrom 1200 features

    Alocrom is a powdered chemical which when dissolved in water. Will form a iridescent golden, protective chromate coating of 0.3 – 2.0 gm/mon clean, oxide free aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces. Alocrom 1200 is usually used by dip. Alocrom (also known as Iridite) is approved to DEF STAN and DTD 900/4413 in the UK; as Alodine 1200 it is approved to U.S. MIL-C-5541 and by all major aircraft manufacturers.

    Alocrom 1200 benefits

    • A rapid non-electrolytic, chromate conversion treatment.
    • Excellent corrosion protection with or without paint.
    • Excellent paint and powder adhesion allowing metal deformation after painting.
    • Alocrom operates at ambient temperatures without heating costs.
    • A powder product for economy in use.
    • The coating has low electrical resistance (less than 5K micro-ohms/in2).
    • Alocrom Is preferred for difficult high-silicon pressure die-casting after careful cleaning.

    SALT test technical data sheet

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