Carbon fibre hydrographics coatings

    Carbon fibre hydrographics coatings


    Stovrite Specialist Coatings invested in a state of the art hydrographics water tank. Custom hydrographics coatings is a massive industry in the States and is growing very rapidly in the UK. We are one of a few pioneers and leading specialists in the North East offering that service. With our hydro dipping bath, we can produce a wide range of hydrographic wraps for various type of materials. And with our in-house pre-treatments facilities we can prepare your components before the big dip.

    What is hydrographics?

    It is a recent method of applying printed designs to 3D surfaces. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. Almost anything that can be dipped in water can be wrapped using the hydro dipping technique. The hydrographics printing process is extensively used to decorate items that range from large car dashboards, to smaller items like bike helmets or other automotive parts like car side mirrors. The films can be applied to a wide range of less usual substrates including fibreglass, and ceramics.

    The process

    A major part of the hydrographics process is the actual pre-treatment of the part before they get dipped. The parts need to go through the entire painting process: surface preparation, priming, painting, and clear coating. The water dipping comes between the painting and the clear coating stages. At that point, a specialist hydrographic film with the graphic to be transferred is placed on the surface of the water tank. Water resistance allows the film to curve around any shape when an object is dipped in it. Stovrite SC use a high quality activator as it is one of the most important elements in creating a high quality hydrographic transfer.

    Carbon fibre wraps using hydrographics 

    Carbon fibre hydrographics is by far the most common effect we are asked for, but there are tons of other designs available on the market. To name but a few, you can find skulls, army camouflage, wood effects or metal effects. Hydro dipping designs are extensively used on car parts including wheels, bodywork, interior parts and engine bay elements. We also customise motorbikes, push bikes, bike frames, wheels and even video game controllers.

    Endless combinations

    Hydrographics offer a very large amount of patterns. Added to the colour of your elements, the combinations are virtually endless.

    If you are interested in hydrographics dipping, please get in touch with our friendly team of highly skilled professionals on 0191 438 6612.