Shot Blasting

shot_blastAs a new investment of Spring 2010 we introduced Shot Blasting Cleaning.

To ensure an excellent finish to your product, it is essential that it is thoroughly prepared before powder coating or wet painting.

Shot Blasting Cleaning allows us to prepare substrates to recognised British, Swedish and American standards before any coating is applied.

Shot blasting is an aggressive metal cleaning process using chilled iron grit which will make sure that the metal is smooth and free of any contaminations such as rust, paint, or mill scale. In doing so, the paint will have a better surface to adhere to, providing a long lasting finish.  Following blast cleaning standards and guidelines by the paint manufacturers we are able to give the best preparation for the paint system being applied.


Our modern purpose built blasting room 4m x 4m in size. The slides below demonstrate different stages of production i.e.

The animation below shows: 1. The Raw Product  2.Shot Blasted Product  3.Wet Painted Product

  • Blast1 Raw

  • Blast1Blasted

  • Wetspray1Finished

  • 1. The Raw Product
  • 2. Shot Blasted
  • 3. Wet Spray Finished