Wet Paint Spraying

Our wet spray painting expertise makes Stovrite one of the leading North East companies offering the service. We are able to apply wet paint to a variety of surfaces including metal, wood, plastic and PVC. This allows us to work with a variety of commercial industries as well as the domestic sector.

Wet Spray Painting

There are a number of applications, including stove enamelling, solvent and water basted coatings, single and two pack wet spray painting systems and airless spray. 

If you need to protect parts for many years, spraying with wet paint provides a great coating, particularly when items are exposed to extreme weather condition on a daily basis. The coating, while being robust and weather resistant, gives and excellent finish and a high-quality appearance.

Stovrite are approved licence holders to purchase American C.A.R.C (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings).

Our custom fitted spraying rooms are designed to create a warm, clean and safe environment. Inside we use only modern equipment to ensure a high-quality finish. We also use a full range of RAL and BS colours and gloss levels.

How powder coating is applied

The powder coating is applied to the object through an electrostatic gun. Compressed air runs through the powder coater pushing the powder through the gun where the electrode gives the powder a positive charge. The object being coated is earthed so the positive powder particles are attracted and then baked at high temperatures to allow a chemical change to form a complete coat.

The powder coating then sets to form a hard durable finish. Depending on environment powder coat can leave a life expectancy of up to 12 years decorative appearance and 15 years corrosion protection.

Stovrite use Coromadex to provide:

  • High performance coatings for protection against corrosion and severe environments
  • Surface tolerant products
  • High build epoxies
  • High build polyurethanes

We also use well known suppliers such as AkzoNobel, Jotun, Hempel, Sherwin Williams, PPG, , Trimite, and many more to meet our customer’s requirements.

Custom Paint Systems

Through our specialist suppliers, Stovrite offer the ability to create your own custom paint system, based on your own requirements. Just click the button below to get started, or contact us for more information.