rail coating

As an approved applicator of rail coatings to parts destined for the rail industry, Stovrite understands that its coating solutions must meet the rail sector’s demanding finishing requirements and the challenges they will face. 

Offering a range of high-performance coating systems for application on both metal and plastic substrates, our rail coatings and finishes are suitable for train and equipment manufacturers along with fleet and specialist rail refurbishment operators. We draw on our experience and specialist knowledge gained over many years working in the industry to do this. 

Therefore, we can provide our customers in the rail industry with the most effective engineered coatings that take into account a range of factors such as corrosive environments and other specific conditions that are unique to the industry. 

All of the rail coatings we apply are tested and approved for fire and smoke certification, corrosion resistance and durability to make sure they conform to all current rail legislation.

We also provide other type of metal pre-treatments such as Surtec 650. for more information, please contact our team of friendly professionals on 0191 438 6612.