Shot blasting Services

Aqua blasting is also known as vapour blasting or wet blasting. This is a great cleaning solution for the surface preparation of metal alloys. We use this technique quite a lot for restorer enthusiasts who require gentle cleaning of engine components, motorcycle parts or gearboxes for instance.

Stovrite SC Aqua Blasting uses English Made Industrial Vapour Blasting machines to restore your aluminium components to a satin as new finish. Unlike shot blasting this process is non aggressive.

What do we use aqua blasting for?

Generally speaking, we use aqua blasting cleaning solution on metal components that requires gentle and less abrasive cleaning compared to shot blasting. See below a non-exhaustive list of parts we’ve aqua blasted:

  • Engine and gearbox casings
  • Cylinder heads
  • Blocks
  • Carbs
  • Crank cases
  • Motorcycle wheel hubs
  • Barrels
  • Brackets
  • Side covers

Vapour blasting can also used to clean and finish parts in MagnesiumBrassTitanium and some steel parts.

How does it work?

Wet blasting uses tiny 150/200 micron glass particules transported in a high pressure water jet. This provides a non aggressive vapour blasted to finish most alloy surfaces “as new”.

Unlike dry bead blasting this leaves a smooth satin easier to clean surface. Aqua Blasting is ideal for aged/classic aluminium castings. Please note that parts supplied must be completely stripped, unpainted and degreased.

If you are interested in our vapour blasting services, please call us on  0191 438 6612. Our friendly team of dedicated professionals are always keen to answer any question you may have.

Stovrite Specialist Coatings offers other types of metal pre-treatments, including shot blastingphosphate and Surtec 650 for instance.

And if you don’t really understand what aqua blast does, why not have a look at that video on YouTube. It’s showing a Canadian pioneer being one of the first in Northern America to use Vapour Blasting to clean engine parts! Incredible results