Specialist masking for various paint coatings

Specialist masking for various paint coatings

In any high quality paint coatings, pre-treatment and product preparation are key. Quality masking is really important in excelling with your product coatings.

At Stovrite Specialist Coatings, we have extensive experience in masking, including specialist masking such high temperature resistance. We can also assist at the design stage of your components to ensure that we are producing your project in the most economical way.

We can source a wide range of irregular sizes and shapes from our supplier. This way we have access to the most suitable products for the task at hand.

Caps and plugs

We offer caps and plugs masking services to protect various parts of the component. We can prepare and mask very intricate parts. This includes threads, flanges and joint faces to name but a few. Please contact us with your specific requirements on 0191 483 6612.

Tape masking

Traditional tape is the most asked for type of masking services we provide. We discuss your requirements and what you want to achieve with the final product. Then we prepare your items to your exact specification to define precise lines.

Specialist masking

Stovrite has specialist knowledge and utilise custom laser cut self adhesive masks. These bespoke masks are the perfect solution for your wire and bar components. This technique is also perfectly adequate for difficult/intricate aspects of a component, for instance slots and grooves.

High temperature

We use specialist high temperature resistant tapes for processes where high temperature heat curing is required.

Because we use specialist products for very specific tasks, you can use our services to prepare your parts for various types of coating. This includes powder coatingswet spraying and airless spray. It can even be applied to the latest coating/dipping technologies such as hydrographics.

Please contact us on 0191 438 6612 to see how we can help you to prepare your parts before paint coatings. Alternatively, you can use the enquiry form on our contact page.

You can see the type of specialist products we use on websites such as vp.