Shot blasting cleaning

    Shot blasting cleaning

    Shot blasting cleaning


    Stovrite is providing high quality shot blasting cleaning services since 2010. This is when we heavily invested in specialist professional equipment. We did so to have full control of the quality process. From cleaning and pre-treatments, to specialist coatings.

    Why do we use shot blasting cleaning?

    We use shot blasting cleaning to ensure an excellent finish to your product before coatings. It is essential that your items are completely clean and thoroughly prepared before powder coating or wet painting. If you want to know learn more about how abrasive cleaning works, have a quick look on wikipedia.

    British, Swedish and American standards

    Providing shot blasting cleaning allows us to prepare substrates to recognised British, Swedish and American standards before any coating is applied. Following blast cleaning standards and guidelines by the paint manufacturers we are able to give the best preparation for the paint system being applied.

    Metal cleaning

    Shot blasting is an aggressive metal cleaning process using chilled iron grit which will make sure that the metal is smooth and free of any contaminations such as rust, paint, or mill scale. Using this highly abrasive cleaning technique, we can make sure the paint will have a better surface to adhere to, providing a long lasting finish.  Because we offer shot blasting cleaning, various pre-treatments solutions and varied types of coatings, we can make apply strict quality control in every step of the process. From raw product to fully coated with high quality finish.

    Purpose built blasting room

    To offer the best service possible, we decided to invest in a fully equipped purpose built shot blasting room. Our blasting room is 4m x 4m in size, allowing us to clean and treat relatively products.

    If you are interested in our abrasive blasting cleaning services, please contact us on 0191 438 6612.

    We also offer various specialist coatings services such as powder coatings, wet paint spraying and hydro dipping.