masking_small Stovrite Specialist Coatings have extensive experience in masking including specialist masking. We can assist at the design stage of your components to ensure that your project is produced in the most economical way.


The photo shown gives an example of typical masks, a range of irregular sizes or shapes can be sourced by our masking supplier.

Caps & Plugs

These can be prepared to protect various parts of the component including threads, flanges and joint faces. Please contact us with your requirements.

Tape Masking

Prepared to your specification to define precise lines.

Specialist Masking

For your wire and bar components and masking for difficult/intricate aspects of a component for instance slots and grooves. We utilise custom laser cut self adhesive masking profiles.

High Temperature Masking

Where high temperature heat curing is required we use specialist high temperature  masking tapes.